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For Larger Events Pair With A 4 Stall or a 2 Stall



Waste Removal

  • Features Include

  • Self-closing hinges that operate from an internal stainless steel spring. Outdoor rated materials and molded polymer construction ensure years of use

  • Heavy-duty, easy-to-use rotary latch that is designed to withstand the roughest users

  • Deep, ambidextrous door pull provides better grip and ultimate convenience

  • Re-engineered door frame which features a single jamb point and twin-molded construction

  • Multiple strapping recesses

  • Rotationally molded plastic skid

  • 60-gallon waste tank which boasts a smooth interior and deep sump

  • Toilet seat and cover

  • Urinal

  • Three-roll toilet paper holder with included rod and padlock

  • Stainless steel locking brackets

  • Coat hook

  • Choose the Axxis-1 with a standard, low-profile roof or the Axxis-2 with the higher, Keystone roof

  • Modular, all-common wall construction makes for easy and inexpensive repairs

  • High molecular-weight material with extra UV protection ensures that your portable restrooms will continue to look new through years of work

  • Height w/Standard Roof: 89.25" (2266.95mm)

  • Height w/Keystone Roof: 92" (2336.8mm)

  • Width: 43" (1092.2mm)

  • Depth: 47" (1193.8mm)

  • Door opening: 27” W (685.8mm) 

  • Floor area: 861 in² (5554.83 cm²)

  • Tank volume: 60 gal. (227L)

  • Seat height: 18.75” (476mm)

  • Weight: 165 lbs. (74.84 kg)

  • Weight w/Ambassador Package: 210 lbs. (95.25 kg)

ADA Compliant

Concert Series

For Larger Events Pair With A 4 Stall or a 2 Stall

Designed for Wheelchair and ADA access



Waste Removal

  • Height: 91" (2311mm)

  • Width: 62" (1575mm)

  • Depth: 62" (1575mm)

  • Door opening: 80.8” x 32.7” (2054 mm x 831 mm)

  • Tank volume: 35 gal. (132L)

  • Seat height: 19" (483mm)

  • Weight: 250 lbs (107Kg)

Handwash Stations

Small Party



For Larger Events Pair With Another 4 Stall or a 2 Stall



Waste Removal

​*Sinks are on Both Sides of Unit

*Paper Towel  Dispenser

*Soap Dispenser

  • Redesigned into a superior handwash solution with greater production capacity to quickly fulfill high demands and improved functionality to better serve your needs.  Excelent to pair with Standard Port-O-Let or and ADA Complient Port-O-Le

  • Great for additonal stations at Large Events

  • Excellent Option for Worksite Solutions

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